TYPE is a small independent record label from berlin with a focus on different styles of electronic music 



+++ CANCELED +++


Rob Wilde Photographie

The berlin based photo artist Rob Wilde with his new project as part of an exhibition

 A new date will be announced!



Since the very beginning of TYPE Records our sound is hard to define and describe, as there are no particular one-style. Strict no boundaries, diverse musical influences and mixing different sorts of musical styles together, preferably Ambient, Synthpop, Synthwave, New Beat, Electro, Techno, Detroit, House, Experimental and Broken Beat.


In the future, we always have a small limited selection of TYPE Records products that fans need and that are lovingly crafted by various artists and graphic designers around our label. But please be quick:


Once sold out is sold out!


The music from TYPE Records isn’t just a nameless faceless platform, it’s a movement created by passionate fans from different styles of electronic music, dedicated to our favorite artists and to the music we love. We present the latest releases of our artists and regular DJ-Sets from our artists curated by us.